About me:

I'm 28 years old and live in central Maine on my family's farm, where we produce cut-flowers, feed and mulch hay, grass-fed beef, and lumber. I have a B.A. in German from SUNY New Paltz, a partial Maine certification in secondary education, and I am seriously considering pursuing a Master's degree in education as soon as I have my student loans paid down from my bachelor's degree.

I play the flute, sing a bit when coerced, have been known to tromp about with a camera and terrorize flocks of blackbirds with the sound of the shutter, and also really enjoy baking.

You may be wondering which of the above descriptors makes me qualified to design your project. Well, to be frank, none of them do. What qualifies me to design your site is the fact that I've been designing for over a decade (starting out small, of course, with really terrible Geocities sites which you're not going to see in my portfolio because... see previous re: terrible, and working my way up). That's a decade of experience through self-teaching, as well as through helping others to make their websites and other designs work.

For me, design works best through trial and error.

My design process begins with scribblings in a notebook, which I follow up with a mock-up design in Photoshop. Once that's done, I see if it's possible to replicate my design in code. Usually, it works. Sometimes it doesn't, but in those cases, after some frantic googling, I often wind up liking the result more than the original mock-up.

My design knowledge is a work in progress.

I'll admit here, straight-up, that I love to learn. One of the things I like learning about the most is new design tricks and styles. I visit a handful of blogs dedicated to design trends on a fairly regular basis, and I'll usually just sit there and go "That is so cool!" for a bit before trying it myself.