Welcome to gladgirl.net!

If you're here to see my online portfolio of web and graphic design, that's great! If you're here because you're bored, also great -- I hope the site's little quirks are enough to entertain you! Basically, regardless of why you've come, I'm glad you did -- pun absolutely intended.

Though this is a very new site, it's my hope that it's rounded enough to give you a pretty good idea of who I am, what I like, and what I can do with a keyboard and mouse.

My latest work:

Click the thumbnails below to view previews of my most recently finished projects.


My upcoming projects:

Currently, I'm working on websites, printed P.R. materials, logo mock-ups, and a handful of miscellaneous graphic designs that are somewhere in between just started and pretty neat. Most days, I have Photoshop open for at least an hour just to tinker with things. My design method is to first create something and let it sit for a short while, then go back and poke at it until I think it's perfect -- even if poking at it means simply nudging something one pixel in either direction.

You can expect to see the thumbnails change in my latest work display, pretty soon.